Cybersecurity Consulting Orlando FL

Industry-leading solutions that protect your business on all fronts — from threat identification to disaster recovery

“I already downloaded a firewall. Isn’t that cybersecurity already?”

Firewalls are only a part of your overall cybersecurity strategy since they only look externally to block possible intrusions from happening. Firewalls don't detect attacks from inside the network. A robust cybersecurity solution should be able to detect external and internal threats just like Data Cube Systems' cybersecurity strategy.

Our security operations center (SOC) and software look for specific signatures that come from common computer hacks. And when a cyberattack occurs, our SOC is alerted and we can resolve issues before they result in productivity-crushing downtime.


Why choose Data Cube Systems' Cybersecurity Consulting for your Orlando business?

At Data Cube Systems, your business always comes first. We will align the security strategy to your business goals and customize a unique plan for your needs. Our service will identify, detect, protect, respond, and ensure you recover from a cyberattack. Our experts will work with your team to provide an audit of your system’s risks and security gaps. Should an incident occur, you can rest assured we will respond promptly before downtime occurs.


Business Assessment

We thoughtfully maximize your return on investment into IT security controls


Vulnerability Scan

We will benchmark your IT network against security best practices to derive a sequential plan


Threat Hunting

We take a proactive mindset to hunting threats and finding anomalies before they turn into a disaster


Phishing Training

We partner with a leading platform for new-school security awareness training


24x7x365 Security Operations Center

We monitor your IT environment for any cybersecurity risk and resolve incidents


Pre-Compliance & Regulatory Review

We help you prepare for audits and maintain compliance

First-rate IT solutions made possible by our partnership with top-tier IT vendors

  • Dell EMC
  • MS Partners
  • ConnectWise
  • MS SPLA Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity services include vulnerability assessments, protection tools, and ongoing monitoring and management to keep your cyber defenses up-to-date with emerging online threats.
Cybersecurity assessment is a risk-based testing approach that thoroughly examines your security posture to determine your vulnerabilities and preparedness should an attack occur.
Cybersecurity consulting is the delivery of tailored advice and strategic planning to put in place a reliable, effective defense scheme that protects all aspects of your business IT from current and future cyberattacks.
In addition to possessing expert skills and up-to-date insights, your trusted cybersecurity consulting services provider should take the time to analyze your unique risks and needs. They can achieve this by conducting thorough assessments of your current security setup and identifying your vulnerabilities before crafting a strategic, comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap for your organization.